Lights to Music, a division of Onstage Systems, is a cutting edge holiday and special event production company. Located in Dallas, Texas we are one of a select group of authorized dealers featuring Light-O-Rama show control products for the professional market.

We specialize in providing both hardware and software in combination to produce a precise program whereby lighting fixtures and special effects are synchronized beat by beat to your favorite music creating an incredible show that will leave your audience cheering for more.

Clients of Lights to Music include special event producers, public venues, cities, malls, city park departments, zoos, amusement parks, drive through parks and home owners.

Events produced by Lights to Music include city celebrations, festivals, shopping center displays, amusement park walking paths, corporate campus displays, galas, themed parties, charity fund raisers and extreme home displays

Indoor or outdoor; if you can image it, we can make it happen from the down beat to the last beat!